Terms of Use

By signing up and using our history database, the user agrees with our (the GPTune history database team) statements herein.

The GPTune history database collects two types of information: (1) the users’ registration information (2) the users’ voluntarily submitted performance data.

We use NERSC’s Spin platform to host our service. In other words, our storage and web instances run only within NERSC’s resources.

During registration the user is required to supply a username, password (we use Django's password management system, therefore, we only store hashed information in our user DB), email address, first/last name, position, and affiliation. The user may also optionally answer some other questions during the registration.

We never sell or rent user information to anywhere else. We only internally use the information to better support and improve our service. We may use the information for our internal understanding of user statistics.

After registration, we approve users based on their registration information, because an approved user can use (many) computational/storage resources in our database. The functionalities depending on the user priviledge levels are described in https://gptune.lbl.gov/membership.

The GPTune history database is a non-profit, academic contribution for an autotuning ecosystem. By using our database and its software, you agree to accept our 3-clause BSD License. As our website is operated by LBNL (under the lbl.gov domain), the user agrees to abide by the web privacy note and the security terms defined by LBNL.

If a registered user wants not to use our history database anymore, the user can withdraw their registration by sending us an email at gptune-dev@lbl.gov.

Last update: May 18, 2023